Sunday, January 11, 2009

Variations on Buckwheat

Baby Boy and I have been having buckwheat pancakes for breakfast almost everyday lately. This is the Arrowhead brand mix, though I like the Bob's Mill better. Sometimes we have it with an egg on top, sometimes with jelly, sometimes with a little side of clementine......

However, as much as BB requests them, I do get a little bored. Which is why I was so excited when my neighbor's Mom made us upside down (buck)wheat cake!!!! She just sauteed a little of whatever leftover fruit she had around, than poured the batter over it, cooked until bubbles begin to appear, and than fliped! Here are my pears and apples sauteeing:

Here's my batter cooking:

This is what happened when I flipped it!

@**@! When I saw neighbor's Mom today, I told her of my problem, and she said, oh just keep a plate near by, slide it out, and then flip it back into the pan. DUH!!! Oh well, Baby Boy and I enjoyed our broken cake with a little honey.

(I think the plate is a little big for the meal!)

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