Wednesday, November 26, 2008

First Strip

Yesterday I got all of the boxes and crap cleared out of the room (though some of it is now cluttering up my living room and will need to be dealt with before thursday) and got liner paper up. Today I started to wallpaper. I have to say this paper is so beyond my skill. It is handprinted, and has the selvage, which you are supposed to cut off, but I can't get it to line up correctly....It is also very heavy, and I was trying to do this all by myself. This first strip took me about 2 the end of the day I only got 3 strips up. We'll see how it goes tomorrow.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Can I get my Dining Room together for Thanksgiving?

This is my dining room (almost the same as yesterday, just minus the laundry pile) I want it to be together, at least somewhat, for Thanksgiving...5.25 days from now, really 4, because I want everything clean and ready to go Thursday morning. So how much can I reasonably expect to do? Paint....should I wallpaper?

I bought this 1960s handprinted wallpaper on ebay for a song...I have been hesitant to use it (rental, etc....) but there is a lot of it, at least enough to do a small room. I am out of paint, and out of money, and the walls are pretty f**ked up. I have liner paper too, paste, everything. Design wise I love the thought of this paper in the dining room. I think I am going to go for it!!!!

Quick to do list:
Paint Ceiling
Paint woodwork, trim, etc.
Closet doors?
Liner Paper
Wall Paper
Reattach seats to chairs
Add leaves to table

Thanksgiving Bounty

This is my haul from the Farmer's Market this morning.....all ready for preparation on Thursday. Usually we do dinner at my sister's, but this year we are doing it at my apartment and I am pretty excited. Another project to get done by next week, but I will post about it later, as baby is being very quiet in the other room.....

Friday, November 21, 2008

Revised Living Room to do List

Living Room First:
Fix Hole I didn't exactly fix this, but I have a temporary solution covering it up.
Buy 1/4" veneer drywall, 1 sheet should do
--this project is gone Buy scallop edging for the LR side of shelf
(do they sell that at Dyke's Lumber? probably...)
Go to Dyke's
Have sofa and rug cleaned
*Order Curtains & Rods
*Hang Curtains & Rods
Purchased, but not hung Purchase and hang bamboo? blind -- Pearl River
(measure for blind)
*Finish redoing found cabinet
--this project is gone Buy taller legs and attach
Polish brass handle
What should I do with fireplace wall???????
Canvas with fireplace painted on it
Shelf, narrow
Wall-mounted flat screen tv
Leaning art
Hang wall paper in french moulding next to window?????
*Book shelves (Lack, IKEA, dark Brown)
add feet to shelves, Dyke's?
if not find source and order
Slip-cover for sofa
to pattern or not to pattern?
New Coffee Table, round, definitely!!! acrylic? if I can find
--this project is goneBench for inset by window
Fix Lamp
Find floor lamps
Replace light fixture (with ceiling fan?)
Replace light switch with dimmer
Paint radiator cover
Hang Art
*Touch-up Paint
*Throw out? broken record cabinet

My House this Morning

It has been so long since I added to this blog. I write the posts in my head, I take the photos, and yet I never seem to get them up. I wanted to record my daily process, sort of hoping it would help me stabalize my disorganized routine.......I always have a reason not to post, mostly that when I see something interesting in the neighborhood I don't have my camera (note to self: carry your F**KING camera!) or my house always seems to be a mess (no matter how much cleaning I try to squeeze into the day!) I have had a long standing discussion with my sister about product vs process, and I have always been a product lady.....but I never get where I want, probably because I don't embrace the process....anyway, I thought the best thing to do would be to just post pics as my house looked this morning after breakfast, mess and all. Jump all the way in, as it were.

My office/work area (in a corner of my son's room)

One corner or the Living Room.

Another corner of the Living Room, with the Lack shelf
I bought months ago, but never posted about.

My "Dining Room" with the laundry pile.

Our Bedroom.....someday I might buy a bed frame.

My son's room. (Oh my GOD!! This room is always a wreck!)