Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Growing Story

I left the charger for my camera battery in my sister's luggage on the way back from Kentucky. We have not been able to hook up in the chaos of starting a new year yet, and so I am without camera. However, this is a good chance to clear my desktop of posts I've been meaning to put up, like this one:

I ordered a lot of books on ebay, mostly because it was cheap and I recognized an old copy of Dr. Seuss's Foot Book in the blurry picture. The box arrived and it was a treasure trove of old children's books. This one, The Growing Story, written by Ruth Krauss, and illustrated by Phyllis Rowand, was first published in 1947, by E.M. Hale and Company, though mine appears to be a special edition released by Cadmus Books. I am so charmed by the illustrations, and the little boy is so sweet. The basic storyline: little boy puts away his winter clothes as spring arrives; wonders if he will grow like all the flowers and plants; seasons pass; boy gets back out winter clothes; realizes they are too small; egads, proof that he has grown!
Sorry for the pics of pages, but I can't find my scanner (from moving more than a year ago!).

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