Friday, November 21, 2008

Revised Living Room to do List

Living Room First:
Fix Hole I didn't exactly fix this, but I have a temporary solution covering it up.
Buy 1/4" veneer drywall, 1 sheet should do
--this project is gone Buy scallop edging for the LR side of shelf
(do they sell that at Dyke's Lumber? probably...)
Go to Dyke's
Have sofa and rug cleaned
*Order Curtains & Rods
*Hang Curtains & Rods
Purchased, but not hung Purchase and hang bamboo? blind -- Pearl River
(measure for blind)
*Finish redoing found cabinet
--this project is gone Buy taller legs and attach
Polish brass handle
What should I do with fireplace wall???????
Canvas with fireplace painted on it
Shelf, narrow
Wall-mounted flat screen tv
Leaning art
Hang wall paper in french moulding next to window?????
*Book shelves (Lack, IKEA, dark Brown)
add feet to shelves, Dyke's?
if not find source and order
Slip-cover for sofa
to pattern or not to pattern?
New Coffee Table, round, definitely!!! acrylic? if I can find
--this project is goneBench for inset by window
Fix Lamp
Find floor lamps
Replace light fixture (with ceiling fan?)
Replace light switch with dimmer
Paint radiator cover
Hang Art
*Touch-up Paint
*Throw out? broken record cabinet

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