Friday, November 21, 2008

My House this Morning

It has been so long since I added to this blog. I write the posts in my head, I take the photos, and yet I never seem to get them up. I wanted to record my daily process, sort of hoping it would help me stabalize my disorganized routine.......I always have a reason not to post, mostly that when I see something interesting in the neighborhood I don't have my camera (note to self: carry your F**KING camera!) or my house always seems to be a mess (no matter how much cleaning I try to squeeze into the day!) I have had a long standing discussion with my sister about product vs process, and I have always been a product lady.....but I never get where I want, probably because I don't embrace the process....anyway, I thought the best thing to do would be to just post pics as my house looked this morning after breakfast, mess and all. Jump all the way in, as it were.

My office/work area (in a corner of my son's room)

One corner or the Living Room.

Another corner of the Living Room, with the Lack shelf
I bought months ago, but never posted about.

My "Dining Room" with the laundry pile.

Our Bedroom.....someday I might buy a bed frame.

My son's room. (Oh my GOD!! This room is always a wreck!)

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