Thursday, February 28, 2008

No Camera, Craigslist: Yellow

My camera didn't start working again.....I've been dying to take pictures of things, (my adorable son) but can't. Luckily this Saturday is my birthday, so guess what my gift will be?

In the meantime I found more inspiration via Craigslist. It is hard to miss the current blogger obsession with yellow, so here is my own homage to this sunny hue:

I know I already posted the ebay wallpaper, but it went so well with the yellow theme.....
The sofa isn't exactly yellow, but the hue went so nicely I couldn't resist adding it.
In fact if you were to combine the barrister bookcase, the sofa, and the armless mustard chair, you would have a nice beginning to a very beautiful living room, (that would go very well with the dining room I put together last post)

I can't find the link for the yellow table, but it was for sale in LIC.
I'm not posting the link for the egg chair, because I am trying to buy it.....
Barrister Bookcase
Armless Mustard Chair
Vintage Sofa
Swivel Chair

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