Thursday, February 21, 2008

Virtual Fleamarket/Dining Room or Entryway Design

Vintage chrome and marble dining table
2 Antique chairs with sunburst pattern seats
1960s Style Hanging Lamp
Vintage Bookshelf
Vintage Schumacher Wallpaper

Plus these curtains from Anthropologie.

So funny story...I couldn't find my camera yesterday, I finally found it today. However, I discovered it in a zippered pocket of my son's bag after a yogurt exploded and I rinsed it out. Hopefully it will dry out and work....we'll see. So my plans to post pictures of my living room in progress with sofas and curtains I am thinking about was foiled. I did finish (mostly) painting my entryway, and started to assemble a collage of my collection of postcards. It is the first "art" I have hung up and it really made me start to feel like this might be a home for us.

Anyway, all of that aside I was surfing craigslist for, well for anything really because I have hardly any furniture for this apartment. I found this amazing dining table (pictured above) and was really trying to figure out if I should get rid of my little Paul McCobb dining chairs I've had forever (they just wouldn't work with the table) Good thing I am pretty broke right now, because it was really a moot point, I can't afford the table. Instead I made a little imaginary dining room, all from Craigslists finds, some vintage wallpaper off ebay (meant to line the back of the rather dusty looking, but awesome vintage shelf) and some sale curtains from Anthropologie (I can't figure out how to post pictures from their website so I just have a link) So, if anyone were to read my blog, I designed a nice little entryway (or add some chairs and it could be a dining room) for them.

PS The whole thing costs less than $500.

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