Friday, December 14, 2007

Bathroom: Before (sort-of)

So in typical me fashion I started the bathroom 2 days before the baby and I left for New Orleans and, of course, could not finish it. So we came back yesterday to a bit of a mess, but hopefully I can finish it this weekend. I also finally emptied out my camera and realized I had not taken before pictures of the bathroom--though I had a gazillion of the rest of the apartment. So these are pictures about halfway through the process, i.e. after a coat of primer. half of a first coat, some spackle and caulk, removing the broken medicine cabinet, and cleaning up the mold left by the previous tenants. Your not getting the really dirty and yellowing color of the 80s drop ceiling, but please note the hideous floor-tile, the crumbling tub surround, and the florescent light (which does not work, it just flickers, there is an electrician coming to fix that.) The walls are actually 1970s wood paneling, with wallpaper on the bottom, all of which has been painted several times (probably an improvement over the original.) I would love to gut this and start over, but alas it is a rental and my little renovating heart will have to live with some paint and wallpaper magic....I might have to replace the sink down the road though. I could live with the peeling enamel, or the crumbling pressboard cabinet held closed by a screw, or the fact that it is only 30" high (or as my husband calls it "dick-height") but all 3 is just beyond my ability to overlook. Besides I really want to try this grey-water flush system, (thanks However, such an ambitious (and expensive) project will have to wait until I am at least done with the painting and have some bookshelves.
We are leaving again on Tuesday for a 3 state holiday tour; hopefully I can finish the painting at least and post some more photos.

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