Monday, December 3, 2007

Empty Apartment

We are finally out of my apartment. These are pictures of what, empty at least, looks like such a huge space. I left behind some things for my subletter. It is her first apartment in New York; I hope she loves it. I worked so hard on the space, I've redesigned it so many times for different times in my life. There it is, sad and lonely, with empty shelves, the shelves that were the first thing I ever built by myself, and the beautiful Osbourne & Little wallpaper that I craved, but then found in every decorating magazine, after I hung it.....Well it is done, and it is silly to be so maudlin about an apartment I never really loved anyway.
I'll post the before pictures of my new apartment soon....I don't really know exactly where I am going with this blog, but I think I want it to be about discovering my new neighborhood, and about creating a home for my family. I'm off to paint the really gross bathroom...hopefully I can get a coat on the walls before the baby wakes up.

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