Saturday, December 15, 2007

Places in my neighborhood: Cafe Grumpy's

So I am a coffee fiend, particularily esspresso. I gave it up mostly when I got pregnant, but I just couldn't give up my morning fix. One of my first missions when moving to Greenpoint was to find coffee!!!!!! Yes I could make it at home, save myself money, but the walk to get coffee is part of my morning ritual. I've been doing it almost every morning for more than 10 years now, and without it I feel like my days don't go quite right.
My wonderful downstairs neighbor pointed me to Cafe Grumpy, and I love it. It's not exactly on the corner (it's a ten minute walk, brisk, nice) but I don't mind, their espresso is strong, it reminds me of the coffee from Heine Brother's in my hometown, Louisville. The baby likes it too, and the art is nice, interesting, I want to buy some.

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