Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Bathroom to do list:

Just to put a damper on the toilet excitement....a list of things to do in bath to make it not look like a crack house (working toilet and non-holey walls only being a few steps):

Repaint (after repairs were made, it ruined my initial paint job, so have to redo the work)
Refix the fixed light (someone did finally show-up to fix the light fixture, can't find a pic now but will post what they did later. At least I do have a working light fixture now!)
Paint? floor, haven't decided how best to do floor
Paint over pink sponge paint job on bathtub exterior (black? or deep blue?)
Hang towel shelf with hooks
Put frosted window film on windows
New shower curtains
Strip door?
Wallpaper back of shelf
Curtain around sink

To think this is all a rental! I do love the fix-up though, and I do try to get landlord to pay for as much as possible.

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