Friday, December 19, 2008

Bath AA

Henceforth I shall refer to my bathroom from a time either AA or BA. That would be before Alan and after Alan. Alan is the wonderful man my landlord sent to fix the crumbling walls surrounding my tub. You may remember the joys of our bath from such previous posts as this
and this. However, when the walls (which were really just wood paneling) litteraly began to crumble, I had to call in the big guns. Alan is wonderful, Alan is amazing, Alan is my new hero. Even though he had to jury rig a solution and work with-in a limited budget, he left my claw-foot tub exposed and fixed the surround in a non-hideous, even attractive way. I didn't really take before, before shots, so here are some of bath in progress:

This is a nice detail shot of some wood rot and mold:

Here is the AFTER (please add your own chorus of hallelujah):

This is my favorite bit, formed from a scrap of marble left over from another project:

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