Monday, July 21, 2008

To-Do List, Living Room

I think I will start posting some to do lists up here, in a sort of effort to keep myself on track...

Living Room First:
Fix Hole
Buy 1/4" veneer drywall, 1 sheet should do
Buy scallop edging for the LR side of shelf
(do they sell that at Dyke's Lumber? probably...)
Go to Dyke's
Have sofa and rug cleaned
Order Curtains & Rods
Hang Curtains & Rods
Purchase and hang bamboo? blind -- Pearl River
(measure for blind)
Finish redoing found cabinet
Buy taller legs and attach
Polish brass handle
What should I do with fireplace wall???????
Canvas with fireplace painted on it
Shelf, narrow
Wall-mounted flat screen tv
Leaning art
Hang wall paper in french moulding next to window?????
Book shelves (Lack, IKEA, dark Brown)
add feet to shelves, Dyke's?
if not find source and order
Slip-cover for sofa
to pattern or not to pattern?
New Coffee Table, round, definitely!!! acrylic? if I can find
Bench for inset by window
Fix Lamp
Find floor lamps
Replace light fixture (with ceiling fan?)
Replace light switch with dimmer
Paint radiator cover
Hang Art
Touch-up Paint
Throw out? broken record cabinet

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