Monday, July 21, 2008

I just bought some curtains

I just ordered these curtains for my living room. I never order expensive things, and even though these were on sale the are very expensive for me...but they are silk and linen and fully lined and 108" long (that's 9' people!!) I've wanted them forever, and was going to order them months ago, for my birthday, but they were no longer available. I even e-mailed Anthropologie, and they tracked down a pair in California, however when I called the store they wouldn't honor the sales price and I couldn't even think about affording them I have just thought and thought about them. While doing a quick peek at Anthropologie, I noticed that they were suddenly available again, and on sale, so I bought them.

Now though, I am wondering how well they will really work. I bought my sofa since I saw them last and I really think the mustard color is going to look hideous with this taupe, and I'm not sure that the taupe will really go with the warm, almost peachy wall color I have going. If the curtains are exactly the same color as they are in the picture they will, and I am going to eventually have a slipcover made for the sofa, so I guess that is not such a big deal. Well nothing to do now but wait and see.

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