Friday, September 9, 2011

B goes to Kindergarten

The first day was chaotic, the school seemed unprepared and they offered us very little info and prep as parents, so that we would know what to do, but B has already made a friend and the second day, when I knew what to expect, everything went much more smoothly.  We are definitely not in Kansas, or at least a tiny montessouri school in Williamsburg, anymore.

This will be an adventure for both of us, I'm sure one with plenty of trials and tribulations, but hopefully an opportunity for my son to grow (me to) for us to be part of a community, and to learn together.  The first PTA meeting is next week and I am def going to that!  There is actually one at 9am and one at 6pm....I might go to both, just to get the lay of the land.

Great adventure ho!  First stop work with Bowie on hand-raising, so he won't get in trouble.

Love you my big boy!

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