Thursday, October 14, 2010


I used to be a bartender, (and a waitress, and a bar manager, and a busser, and even a dishwasher) I have worked in restaurants most of my fact I loved it in a lot of ways. It is a mini-economy of beautiful simplicity, it is social, you meet incredible people, and you don't have to take your work home with you (though for years my anxiety dreams were always about a dining room full of people who's orders I couldn't take fast enough!) I also hated it, there is not a lot of respect from your managers, no matter how experienced you are, it is hard on your body, the lifestyle can consume you....too many drugs....too much drinking....(hey mom! just to clarify, I never did any drugs, they are just all over the scene, but def drank enough for 3 lifetimes)

I miss it though, sometimes. I was good at it, especially once I began to move into management. It kept me on my toes, required quick thinking, excellent people skills, it was fast-paced, with something new everyday, plus I got to do the bookkeeping and inventory, which, though I know it is weird, I love!

I have this amazing friend of 17 years, he is a lawyer, a home chef extraordinaire, one of the best friend's you could ever hope for, plus handsome and smart and kind...oh and he can knit! Well he and his equally amazing girlfriend recently started a cocktail club called EVOE! to shine a light on the history and deliciousness of the cocktail! They have been invited to create the cocktail menus for some amazing events, and every now and again I come out of retirement to work with them.

Here I am tending bar at the Red Bull/Makers Faire event (put on by Adam Aleksander Presents) and at the Michelin NY 2010 release party (from their facebook page). Thank you M and N for a few great evenings of fun and the reincarnation of previous self!

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