Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Happy Fourth Birthday Baby Boy!

You have filled my life with such joy. I remember the day you were born...I knew you would come that day and I waited, so eager to meet you.  You were late, past your due date, but as with most things, once you decided to come out you were quick about it.  Dr. David delivered you to me (a million thank yous Dr. David) and he set you in my arms and you were beautiful, sort of pink and yellow all at the same time, with such tiny perfect limbs and fingers.  I couldn't bear to be away from you after you were born, I took you with me everywhere, cuddled up next to me in your carrier.  As you got bigger we would chat.  You always liked people and would smile and coo at everyone we met, they always smiled back at you.  You were such a beautiful, round ball of a delight as a baby.  Babies grow into toddlers, and eventually you did too.  You took a long time getting around to walking too, but one day you just walked, but you still liked me to carry you.  You would walk everywhere in the park though, and still you liked to talk to people.  Eventually you started to speak in sentences, with your little lisp.  You would say "otay" whenever I asked you to do something....bigger still you would kiss me and tell me that you loved me.  I love you to my boy.  You are good at puzzles, and you like to play games.  You love superheros, and I love your theories.  Maybe superheros did live with the dinasours....they are all extinct now.  You are in school now, and I miss you while you are gone, even though I rush about trying to work.  My favorite time of day is 3 o'clock, when I pick you up and you run to me.  You were so tired tonight..it was a long day of birthday...you fell asleep before we got to your third book.  I finished Little Bear all by myself.  I love you my sweet four year old!  Such a big boy you are, and so handsome and clever.  Sweet too, we keep talking about plans for your birthday party next week, but you just keep telling me about all the gifts you want to get for your friends.  I can't wait to see what you grow up to be, but I hope you take a long time getting there, because I love every day I spend with you now.

You are the most dear and best thing that has ever happened to me.  Happy Birthday my sweet sweet boy.

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