Saturday, July 24, 2010

Where have we been?

Well first we were on vacation: Tennesse to visit my parents, then the Northfork with BFF and family...and then my sister bought a place and had 10 days to move, and 12 days before my Dad and Step-mom got here...and in the midst of all of that I put together a kid's room for a client...and have another project in construction.  Baby Boy liked the vacations, but has been less fond of his distracted Mother.  Yesterday we played in the sprinklers after school and then his Daddy brought home Sorry (the board game)  so today we sat in the air-conditioning (mostly)  and cleaned his room and played Sorry....oh and I took an hour long nap while Bowie played Batman (he was supposed to be napping with me, but only I fell asleep)

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