Monday, May 17, 2010

Daily Lunch Box

Whole wheat cheese tortellini w/homemade basil & arugula pesto
Green Beans

My sister says she likes my blog but that the Daily Lunch Box is a little's the thing though, I think about what my son eats a lot.  I feel like in this fast food, pre-packaged, chemical laden atmosphere you have to.  It's not like you can trust marketing, or even the FDA to protect your family from stuff that's bad for you, and I want to do my best to nourish him so that at least that is a part of his life and not something he has to figure out on his own.  My point, I'm damn proud of the food I put together for him and I want to look back at this and feel a sense of accomplishment.

If you want just a little web-browsing about the things we eat here are a few links (nothing new, all this stuff made the rounds a while back, but worth looking at)

Jamie Oliver's TED speech
Fed up with School Lunch -- a blog where a teacher eats her school's lunch every day -- has a lot of great education guest posts as well
Michelle Obama's Let's Move Campaign
Gluten Free Girl -- I love how Shauna and The Chef make food so joyful
101 Cookbooks -- one of my favorite sites for cooking inspiration

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