Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Daily Lunch Box

Cheddar Cheese on whole grain bread with mustard
Veggie Booty (Baby Boy's version of Cheetos, I swear these are like crack to him, he can gobble a whole bag)

Obviously the strawberries are not in season in the US, however B begged for them at the grocery. The baby carrots are just from the grocer as well. I should say, though I buy a lot of our produce at the local green market, I keep on hand frozen peas, baby carrots, and broccoli at all times. They are go-to veggies when B won't eat anything else.

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Seligor said...

Hello Kristen, this is Seligor again. I have just left a comment on your page from January last year, having come across it whilst looking for Christmas Paper. And here you still are on April 20th over a year later. You seem to have diverted a bit since you interior decorating, amazing how the likes of children can change you ideas of life, :) but nice.
I have four separate web places, two for children and another for kids around the world and the last one for elder teens up to ancient ones like me. All my little ones (5 three boys and two girls) have families of their own now, instead I have 19 grandchildren (another due in June) and 8 great grandchildren, wow that definitely makes me feel ancient. Well I shall get back to my nursery rhymes and fairies etc and may be pop in soon to see how you are progressing. Have you still just got the one little one I wonder; cheerio hugs Seligor . xxx