Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bauhaus - ha ha ha!

So I am obsessed with the new blog Unhappy Hipsters, which takes photos, mostly from Dwell, and attaches some hilarious copy. Last week this picture appeared:

with the following caption, "Daddy was making them watch yet another documentary on the impact of Bauhaus on American architecture."
This made me laugh aloud for many reasons beyond that it was just funny, not the least of which my Dad was a big documentary/NOVA/politics watcher and forced us to sit through many things, like the presidential debates between Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan in 1980 (I was 6) or cooler things like the time he woke us up in 1981
a few minutes before MTV debuted at midnight with Video Killed the Radio Star. I recently actually dragged my 3 year old son to the MOMA with me to see the Bauhaus retrospective.
Anyway,why this made me laugh is not really the point. What is my point, well humor. My BB has lately been trying to figure out humor, and so when I laughed aloud he stopped what he was doing and ran over and demanded to see what had made me laugh. I showed him the picture and read him the caption, and he laughed hysterically and said "Bauhaus" followed by more hysterical laughter. So now all I have to do is say the word "Bauhaus" and he cracks up.

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