Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Inspiration: Chalkboard Headboard

kid room, garnet hill
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I must admit that I am fully on board with the chalkboard wall trend. In this apartment I haven't done one, but in my previous apartment I painted a whole room with chalkboard paint, and the apartment before that (almost 10 years ago!) I created a huge 4' x 6' chalkboard in our entry. I loved this idea that I saw a while back in Garnet Hill's catalog. They turned the wall at the head of the bed into a chalkboard...I know this was just a bit of clever styling meant to sell the solar system bedding (which I also love!) but I see it as an even cleverer solution to changing themes in a bedroom for a growing child. If you were an artsy sort of parent you could do a new wall mural every few months (or even just a few times/year, as chalk smearing necessitated) to reflect the changing interests of your young one. A quick bedding swap from time to time, and walla, it's years before your kid outgrows their room!

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