Sunday, September 27, 2009

Yellow doors

I love this house I walked by the other day. Love everything about it; the inexpensive materials used so well; the way the light glances off the aluminum sheeting; the thoughtful placement of the windows, just high enough that you can't see in from street level, but I'm sure they flood the house with light, and the corner window on the second floor; the fact that the house is off-set on the lot so that you enter through a bright yellow gate, and then the door to the actual house does not abut the street; the yellow gate! and how well it plays off the grey/metallic aluminum; also I think this is one of those properties, that seems to have been common at one time in the greenpoint/williamsburg area where the original house is set on the back of the lot, and this new modern nicety, seems to have been added, while the original house hides, tucked away sweetly behind the yellow gate and front of modernism. I have in fact been thinking a lot about how you deal with residential properties that face busy streets, and the designer of this place dealt with that beautifully.
I am especially charmed by the hand-painted address:

I will say that I have been obsessed with all things mustard lately, and am in fact working on two projects where I am dealing with yellows. I think that mustard yellow (particularly when combined with grey) is becoming a major trend, and just to prove my point, about five minutes after I passed that house I passed an almost completed reno with another yellow door:

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