Sunday, February 10, 2008

Shoes and Bathroom Floors

Since I only have a few minutes before the kid starts freaking out and I have to get to work I thought I would do a quick double post. So baby boy almost out grew his last pair of shoes, and then threw one in the garbage can (we think) and no one noticed and then had only snow shoes. So one day, in desperate need of shodding for my son we took a trek over to Manhattan Ave, where I found an odd little Polish shoe store with a ton of cute cheap shoes. I bought 2 pairs for $30, which is great considering his last pair cost $50 on the Upper West Side. (I really do try to frequent local businesses and thrift shops rather than super stores, though it does sometimes cost more. Or maybe not, I think I buy a lot less. Everytime I go to Target I come out with 3 bags of stuff and have spent $100, and I went in to check out their newest home goods line and buy some Method dish detergent) Back to the shoes, I love them.....even their awesome packaging. Baby boy loves them to, he keeps bringing them to me and making me put them on. Then he runs around the house in his diaper and new shoes growling. (Yes, I let my child wear nothing but a diaper, sometimes not even that, and he loves to growl, it is his main form of communication these days.)

As for my bathroom floors, I will let the pictures illustrate my frustration. (just imagine the smell of cat pee soaked into a few layers of glue that some how appears to be going bad) I am not sure that I won't get into trouble for pulling up the tile, but it started out innocently enough. One tile was loose and I pulled it up to see if I could locate the odd, unpleasant smell that no amount of cleaning seemed to be getting rid of. Pulling up that tile caused the one next to it to come loose, and revealed the full force of the smell. So then I tried removing just the next layer below and the top layer which worked sort of, until I got to the edge and another layer pulled up with the glue from the layer on top. It was linolium and had gotten so brittle it was breaking apart, so now I am 4 layers down and half-way through the bathroom, because of course the first few tiles were just itching to come up, tempting me into a tile peeling frenzy. However the remaining tiles seem intent upon staying attached.

Son freaking out, gotta go.

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